Howto get CPU details in HPUX

cpu detailsLearn how to extract CPU, core, socket details in HPUX. Get familiar with hardware related commands like print_manifest, machinfo, cstm, ioscan.


There are many times when one has to check CPU details of server which are like number of cores, sockets etc. This details is useful in capacity planning, troubleshooting, performance analysis etc. There are many ways to get this details as below –

  • ioscan command
  • cstm tool
  • print_manifest report
  • machinfo command
  • MP console
  • top command
  • sar output

Before going into these methods make sure you check if logical CPUs are enabled on server or not. If yes then you need to take that into consideration while calculating number of CPUs.

Lets see above methods one by one.

ioscan command :

This is well known command to every HPUX server administrator. To scan or list hardware on system, we use this command. Filtering processors out of this command give you details about CPU. This is helpful to get only number of processors on system.

cstm tool :

CSTM is another famous tool native to HPUX used to deal with hardware. This will give you in depth details about each processor on system. Type /usr/sbin/cstm and you will be on CSTM shell. Here type is below command :

I shown only one processor details above.

print_manifest report :

This command comes bundled with Ignite Ux package. If you have ignite installed on your server you will be able to run this command. This command shows number of processor along with its speed.

machinfo command :

This command is available from HPUX 11.21 and above on RX models. This command gives you processor nubers, speed, sockets and core details.

MP console :

Login to MP console and enter command menu by typing cm. Then ss is the command which shows processor status. This shows you processor sockets. So if you are seeing 8 cpu in top command and below output in MP then its 4 processor sockets housing 4 duel-core processors.

top command :

This is simplest way to check number of CPU on HPUX as well as any linux system. Top output shows you list of processor at top of page.

You can see CPU are numbered from 0 to 8 i.e. total 8 CPU active.

sar output :

Even sar output can be used to determine number of CPU in system. Use just one iteration for output for one second. sar will show one row for each cpu value. Counting number of rows can help us figure out cpu count.

See first command actual output. We are stripping off extra 5 lines which are for total, headers to get exact count using awk. in second command. Even first output shows CPU numbering like top in first column!


Any thoughts?