Highest size files in mount point

There are many instances in life of sysadmin when his system starts throwing filesystem full events and its headache to search culprit. Here we are going to see command to search and display files with high utilization in a mount point. This is very useful to dig down and target exact huge/big files rather than wasting time in trimming/deleting small files.

For example if you are facing /tmp being full. Below is command to search for large files in given mount point. Here we are using du i.e. disk usage command then sorting the output list in reverse order so that highest size files comes to top. Then getting top 10 to display in result.

Replace /tmp with mount point of your choice while running it in your system.

There are also different ways you can trace highest size hogger on mount point. Below are few

To find large file of size above 5000

Top 10 large directories in mount point 

Top 10 large files in mount point


Any thoughts?