Adding new storage LUN to integrity virtual machine (iVM) in HPUX

Steps to add new LUN into integrity virtual machine (iVM) in HPUX and use it within existing VG or create a new VG on it.In this process, storage luns are always presented to physical host server. from host they are attached to virtual guest server running on it.

Step 1.

Identify new LUN on HP iVM host server. When new LUN is presented to iVM, run ioscan command to scan new disks. Post ioscan, run insf command to make sure all available hardware has its related files created in kernel.

Now your new LUN is identified in kernel. Match lun id in storage utility (syminq in case of EMC
storage, evainfo in case of HP EVA storage etc) and get related disk number. We are using agile naming convention here so lets take /dev/rdisk/disk10 & /dev/rdisk/disk11 are new identified disks.

Step 2.

Make disks LVM ready by using pvcreate.

Step 3.

Attach these disks to iVM (guest) which is running on host. Assume vmserver1 is our iVM here.

Step 4.
Once above commands are successful, disks are attached to iVM and needs to scan in guest. Login to iVM server and scan the new disks the same way we did in step 1 and 2 on host. Lets say those disks are identified as /dev/rdisk/disk2 & /dev/rdisk/disk3 on guest server. Observe those are identified as Virtual disk on vm.

Step 5.

Complete LVM tasks on these disks to use space in mount point.
To create new VG named vg01

To extend current existing VG named vg02 & mount point /data1 within it


Any thoughts?