Change MP IP for HPUX server

Caution !

In this activity you are going to edit connectivity specifications of server. Mis-configurations may lead to lost connectivity which may impact your operations. Please proceed on your own risk.

MP is management processor on HP servers typically found in servers made to run HPUX operating systems. MP is used to access system when its in down mode i.e. OS is not running on system. Only requirement to access MP is server should have active power connection and MP IP should have configured to access it over LAN.

Its a management port on server where one can plug in RJ45 cable for accessing MP over LAN. Sometimes during migrations, shifting datacenters, vLan changes one may face requirement where MP IP should be changed to meet new environment.

Here in this post we will see how to change existing IP of MP. For example we have outputs from rx8640 server.

Step 1:

Connect to MP console. Normally telnet is used to connect to MP. If you have not changed credentials then admin/Admin should work for username and password, both fields.

Type in cm command to goto command mode. You will land on CM prompt then.

Step 2:

Type in LS command to view current configuration. Here your current MP IP information will be displayed. Make a note of it.

Step 3:

Type in LC command to edit this IP information

Edit the information and save.

Step 4:

Finally reset MP to take up this new configurations. Use command XD to reset MP. You will be disconnected from current session and you need to open a new session with new IP!

There are different commands for different variants of servers. You can always find a command to view/edit IP information on your MP itself by running HE (help) command in command menu of MP. Look for below type of descriptions in presented list to get to know about commands available on your MP for editing this info.

Some servers have commands like CL to view and CE to edit IP configurations.

Any thoughts?