How to remove password expiry in HPUX HP Unix

Requirement :

Every account on system has a password expiry period defined. Password expiry period means after that period (defined in days) account owner should change account’s password. Some applications/users are required to have same password for longer duration. This requires them to exit from system wide password expiry policy. So that those accounts can run lifetime without need of changing their passwords.

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How to do it:
Firstly check current set values for account using getprpw.

We are modifying below parameters for a account in order to achieve our goal.

  1. exptm : Password expiration time
  2. expwarn : Password expiration warning time
  3. lftm : Password life time
  4. mintm : Time between password changes

All above parameters are always defined in days. Setting them to -1 disable that password ageing rule for sepcified account. All above parameters can be individually tweaked like below.

They even can be tweaked in single command like on below :

Here -l switch makes changes for local account only. It is advised to use -l switch with all above options per man page of modprpw.

Now see values newly set in account. You can notice values are tweaked to -1 now.


Any thoughts?