LVM commands tutorial : Part 3 : Logical Volume (lvsync, lvlnboot)

Series of tutorial to learn LVM commands. lvsync, lvlnbootIn this part, learn how to sync LV and set it as a boot, root, swap device(lvsync, lvlnboot)


This is last part of LVM command tutorials and last post for logical volume command too. Last all parts of this tutorial can be found on below links :

Lets start with our first command here.

Command : lvsync

It synchronizes stale PE in given LV. Its used in mirroring environment. Whenever there is any disk failure or disk path issue, PE goes bad and LV in turns has stale PE. Once the issue is corrected we need to sync stale PE with this command if they doesnt sync automatically.

Command dosnt have any options. It should be supplied with LV path only.

Command : lvlnboot

This command used to define logical volume as a root, dump, swap or boot volume. You have to submit LV path along with specific option of your choice to command. Options are as below :

  • -b Boot volume
  • -d Dump volume
  • -r Root volume
  • -s Swap volume
  • -R Recover any missing links
  • -v Verbose mode

We have already seen this command in root disk mirroring.

This concludes our LVM command tutorials!! Feel free to drop in any queries you have.

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